Lidl Chapel Street, Marlow


Design and Layout

Lidl proposes to modify the existing building that is on the site. Although it was previously used as a supermarket, Lidl would like to make various alterations to the building in order to create the best possible shopping experience for customers.

The key to this is for Lidl to be able to accommodate its latest store specification within the building. The specification is designed to maximise operational efficiency, which is a critical component of Lidl’s business model as it allows the company to pass saving on to you, the customer.

To achieve this, Lidl proposes to:

  • extend the building on its Liston Road elevation to create a greater amount of retail floorspace;
  • create a new entrance within that extension that will provide an attractive, inviting welcome for customers;
  • provide new on-site bicycle parking close to the new entrance to the store;
  • remove the existing first and second floors of the building and create a new first floor at a different height to the existing, meaning that floor to ceiling heights on both floors will be much greater than at present;
  • keep the ground floor as the main sales floor, with warehousing and staff facilities located on the new first floor; and
  • undertake works to the roof structure of the building to accommodate new lift shafts that will enable goods to be efficiently moved between the store warehouse and the shop floor.

Following the completion of the works, the sales floor will provide wide aisles, an attractive modern layout, and will include an in-store bakery.

Lidl and its architects have sought to design the extension to the building in a way that will allow it to become an appropriate addition to the Conservation Area. Facing brickwork will be used to ensure that the extension matches the existing finish of the building, whilst the incorporation of hung slate tiles above the new entrance recognises the use of slate across the town. Alongside these materials, the use of glazing in the creation of the new shop-front and entrance will provide an attractive frontage and draw natural light into the store.

Lidl anticipates that customers travelling by car will make use of existing car parks in the town, and in particular the existing facility at Liston Road. Lidl hopes to be able to agree with the Council that it can erect some trolley bays in the car park, as Waitrose did when they operated a store here. To aid the movement of fully-laden trolleys from the store to the car park, Lidl has proposed some works to Liston Road that would see the existing crossing point, currently denoted by tactile kerbing, to be upgraded. The works would see a raised crossing provided, with the crossing surface at the same level as the existing footpaths. These works are subject to agreement with the Council’s highways department.

Lidl proposes that deliveries to the store will be via a servicing area on the side of the building, which will be accessed from Liston Road. This arrangement is consistent with the way that the previous occupier operated its store.

Proposed Site Plan

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Lidl Marlow – Proposed Site Plan

Opening Hours

It is proposed that the retail store will be open between the hours of:

  • 8am to 10pm Monday to Saturday; and
  • 10am to 4pm Sunday.

Benefits of the Proposed Development

The redevelopment of the site will provide the following benefits.

  • The opportunity to bring a vacant building back into use.
  • Sympathetic alterations that recognise the character and significance of the Conservation Area.
  • Greater choice to people who live and shop in Marlow.
  • The creation of additional employment opportunities.

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