Lidl Chapel Street, Marlow
Lidl Marlow


Lidl is promoting a new discount foodstore at Chapel Street, Marlow.

Lidl has been granted planning permission by Buckinghamshire Council to undertake various works to a vacant building on Chapel Street and Liston Road, Marlow. These works will enable Lidl to open a new foodstore in a convenient location for residents of the town.

The building was formerly occupied by Waitrose but has been vacant since they closed their store in 2019. It lies in the Marlow Conservation Area and Lidl proposes works to extend and alter the appearance of the building, in a way that is appropriate in the Conservation Area. These works will enable Lidl to occupy the building and operate a foodstore that accords with Lidl’s latest specification.

As part of our ongoing commitment to public consultation, we have designed this website to give the local community an overview of our exciting development proposals. This website provides direct links to the approved plans.

Downloads - plans and reports
Planning Application
GDPR Information


Lidl proposes to retain the existing building that is on the site. Although it was previously used as a supermarket, Lidl would like to make various alterations to the building in order to create the best possible shopping experience for customers.

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Who we are and what we do

We opened our first Lidl supermarket in Germany in 1973. Following positive customer feedback, we quickly expanded and by the 1980s, Lidl had become a household name. Our first Lidl in the UK opened in 1994 and we now have 829 stores across Britain…

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